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A partnership led by Barco-Orthogon, Cambridge University, and ENAC


Under the auspices of the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)



We establish the state-of the art in Collaborative Decision Making, considering first the air side, where CDM is most concerned about airline incurred delay management and is named “airside CDM”, and second the land side, named landside CDM, which focuses on the passenger delays experienced as soon as entering the airport until he enters the aircraft, especially during significant adverse events. Our effort will aim at identifying the opportunities to link airside and landside CDM in a unified concept, labeled META-CDM: Multimodal (or Multi-user), Efficient Transportation in Airports – Collaborative Decision Making.”




·       Our team

·       Our newsletter: Issue 1 (added September 2013)

·       A literature review on passenger centric, resilient and collaborative airport operations – your comments are welcome.


        Our FINAL REPORT.



·       Our first workshop was held on January 15 and 16, 2013, at London Heathrow airport. “What comes next? – Moving towards Total Airport Management and putting the passenger at the heart of CDM”:  Workshop Programme (with access to almost all presentations) and Workshop Brochure


·       Our second workshop “Improving Passenger Satisfaction at Airports – Contributions of Information Sharing, Collaborative Decision Making and Multimodality” was held in Frankfurt Main airport on November 12 and 13, 2013. Workshop programme with presentations


·       Our third workshop “Improving Passenger experience in situation of disruptive events – New Concept of landside Collaborative Decision Making” was held in Toulouse, at Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (ENAC) on May 14 and 15, 2014. Workshop programme with presentations




·       Deliverable D.1.1– Workshop 1 Summary report

·       Deliverable D.1.2 –Analysis of recent disruptions of the Air Transport System

·       Deliverable D.2.1- Workshop 2 Summary Report: Collaborative & multimodal systems to improve air passenger experience during disruptive events

·       Deliverable D.2.2 - Contributions of Information Sharing, Collaborative Decision Making and Multimodality in improving passenger experience during disruptive events

·       Deliverable D3.1 - Workshop 3 Summary report: The New Concept of MetaCDM

·       Deliverable D3.2 - MetaCDM Concept of Operation




Scientific Production

·       A research paper “Airport Gate Scheduling for Passengers, Aircraft, and Operations”, by Kim, Marzuoli, Clarke, Delahaye and Feron presented at the Tenth USA/Europe Seminar on ATM R&D June 10-13, 2013 in Chicago, IL, USA

·       A research paper "Multimodal, Efficient Transportation in Airports and Collaborative Decision Making", by Marzuoli, Laplace, Feron, Dray, Gardner, Gunther, and Spies, presented at ATOS-ISIATM 2013.

·       A research paper " META-CDM: Multimodal, Efficient Transportation in Airports and Collaborative Decision Making" by Laplace, Marzuoli, and Feron, presented at AUN2014 : Airports in Urban Networks



·       Team member Aude Marzuoli wins the 2013 American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Guidance Navigation and Control award with her research proposal: “A Multi-modal Passenger-centric Optimization Scheme for Collaborative Air Traffic Management”.



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